WATCH: Mom of two honours her deceased father with talking tattoo

2019-10-17 13:43

A self-confessed 'Daddy's girl' has found a unique way to honour the memory of the father she adored - by having a talking tattoo inked on her left forearm, which plays his voice from beyond the grave.


2018-07-20 07:30

A MAN who survived cancer and made a life of tattooing his body had his 4-5 and nipples cut off because they spoiled the view of his body art.

Here's why tattoos stay in your skin forever

2018-03-26 15:48

It has to do with your immune system.

This tattoo trend is taking manicures to a completely new level

2018-01-18 09:21

Cuticle tattoos and rings are adding some Rihanna levels edge to nails.

You won't believe how far tattoo ink can travel in your body

2017-09-19 13:08

Tattoos can end up being more than skin deep. Always make sure of the artist's reputation and the quality of the ink they use, as it can have far-reaching effects.

Tattoo remorse? How to erase your ink

2017-07-03 10:08

Lasers, sanding and even surgery can reverse a bad decision, but beware of ointments and creams.


2017-01-09 10:57

A Northdale woman says she was left with scarring, bruising and dark marks after getting a tattoo.

EXCLUSIVE: We join Francois van Coke at the tattoo parlour

2016-10-13 10:48

We recently joined Francois van Coke at Wildfire Tattoos to chat about his new album and becoming a dad for the first time.

9 crazy food tattoos you have to see

2016-06-10 11:41

Here's some inkspiration for the foodies!


Man to auction off skin with celeb autograph tattoos

2018-11-04 06:06

A man who has 10 celebrity autographs tattooed onto his arms, including those of Ozzy Osbourne and Sting, is set to sell his skin at an auction.

Would you trust a doctor with tattoos?

2018-07-04 18:55

A third of young adults admit to having at least one tattoo – and more professionals are entering their fields sporting body art than ever before.

Tattooing inks its way into the small business sector

2018-04-01 10:13

Turning your body into a canvas for an artist with a needle is no longer just for criminals and sailors.

A tattoo can cost up to R42,000. Here's how to make sure you don't regret it later.

2018-03-26 14:53

Do your homework. Drink water beforehand. And if it feels wrong, get out.

Would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?

2017-11-09 11:03

We ask what the deal with tattoos is and whether it's a good idea to wear your heart on your sleeve.

A weird new tattoo trend is taking over social media

2017-08-16 16:04

It’s called the Helix tattoo.

20 epic shots from the SA tattoo convention you gotta see

2017-03-27 08:31

Channel24 teamed up with South African photographer Jacobus Snyman to bring you a special photo essay from the South African International Tattoo Convention.

Everything you need to know about the SA tattoo convention

2016-12-13 20:01

We break down everything you need to know from how to book your tattoo to how to buy your ticket and get special rates.

PIC: Kendall Jenner got a new lip tattoo and it looks painful!

2016-10-02 15:00

Kendall Jenner has got a new tattoo on the inside of her lower lip.

Food, Booze and Tattoos: The SA TV show taking the world by storm

The television show is still in it's first season, but has been picked up by several different countries around the world, find out if we can expect a second season in the video above.

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