Watch: Why airplane takeoffs and landings are so dangerous

Boeing research shows that takeoff and landing are the most dangerous part of an average flight. Almost half of fatal accidents occur when landing.

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Digitally forward businesses have one thing in common – here’s what!

2020-01-24 14:43

Spoiler alert: The one thing successful, digitally savvy businesses have in common is that they save time. We turned to InnovSoltech to find some time-saving hacks for future focused companies.

Senators reportedly wore Apple Watches to Donald Trump's impeachment trial, seemingly violating the electronics ban

2020-01-22 13:13

The senators, plus one aide, were reportedly wearing smart watches that could be used to text and make calls.

A bunch of promising cheap, new smartphones from Apple and others are expected to launch this year

2020-01-20 05:42

A wave of promising cheap phones are expected to launch this year, a sign that R15,000 may no longer be the norm for a new smartphone.

Men in Silicon Valley are reportedly turning to plastic surgery to get ahead at work, but they're re-branding it as 'personal optimisation'

2020-01-16 16:27

Tech workers are turning to procedures like Botox, fillers, laser treatments, and even eye and neck lifts, according to the Washington Post.

Microsoft's newest internet browser is fast and a lot like Google's Chrome — here's how to get it

2020-01-16 06:29

It's basically Google Chrome dressed in Microsoft clothing, and it could actually make you think twice about immediately downloading Chrome.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has an unconventional hobby: hunting wild boars with a bow and arrow

2020-01-12 17:21

The Facebook cofounder and CEO has previously challenged himself to only eat meat that he killed, but has since stepped away from that challenge.

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman said he likely fell for a phishing scam. Here's how phishing scams work and how to avoid them.

2020-01-10 18:00

Krugman tweeted that he received a phone call indicating that hackers downloaded child pornography on his WiFi network.

Sex workers are fundraising for Australia bushfire relief by selling nude photos online. They've raised hundreds of thousands, but not without consequences.

2020-01-08 18:01

Australia is suffering through unprecedented bushfires, and people from around the world have harnessed creative means to raise money to help.

Is it okay to Google the answer to your dinner table debate? Cellphone etiquette in a tech-driven world

2020-01-08 09:32

Most of us know that feeling – the stab of annoyance when someone bellows into their phone in a public space or when your aunt whips out her cellphone to show you her gazillion holiday snaps.


Adam sees a gap to streamline business processes

2020-01-24 15:29

Adam Shapiro co-founded two complimentary businesses - a SharePoint (Microsoft document management system) consultancy and a business which streamlines business processes.

TikTok is reportedly on the hunt for a US-based CEO, and it could be the company's latest step to distance itself from ties to China

2020-01-23 15:15

The move may help to distance TikTok from ByteDance, its Chinese parent company, and appease concerns about the app's ties to the Chinese government.

Google is expected to launch a cheaper version of its Pixel 4 smartphone this year — here's everything we know about it so far

2020-01-21 10:34

Google's Pixel 4a is rumoured to be in the works. Here's what we know about the cheaper smartphone Google could be working on.

These 2 architects repurposed an old lifeboat and are using it to explore the Arctic with their dog — check out photos of their incredible adventure

2020-01-19 10:24

They spent a year fixing up the boat, and now the two men and their dog are spending the winter exploring the Arctic.

Singer Akon has finalised plans to build a 800-hectare city in Senegal that's powered by his cryptocurrency, Akoin

2020-01-16 16:05

Akon, whose cryptocurrency is called "Akoin," has said he thinks the system could be the key to growth in Africa.

Jeff Bezos just turned 56. Here's how he built Amazon into a nearly R14 trillion company and became the world's richest man.

2020-01-13 11:08

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is 56. Here's how he rose from a hedge funder to the creator of one of the world's largest tech companies.

Sony surprised everyone with a futuristic prototype car

2020-01-12 09:03

Tech giants are looking to the car as the next major computing platform.

Samsung just took the wraps off a gorgeous new super-thin 8K TV, and the front is almost entirely screen

2020-01-08 11:02

The new Samsung 8K TV has a screen-to-body ratio of almost 99%, which means that the front of the TV is almost entirely screen.

Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted with an iPod that Apple hasn't updated in almost 8 years

2020-01-07 21:28

Ronaldo appears to be listening to a 4th Generation iPod Shuffle, which has a max capacity of 1,000 songs.

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