Samoa shuts down in unprecedented battle against measles crisis

2019-12-05 09:03

Samoa has entered a two-day lockdown to carry out an unprecedented mass vaccination drive aimed at containing a devastating measles epidemic that has killed dozens of children in the Pacific island nation.

In the US, anti-vaxxers are finding ways around 'personal exemption' bans

2019-11-15 16:45

A number of US states have tightened up their laws on vaccine exemptions, but some parents have found a loophole.

WATCH: Scientists develop vaccine to help stop cat allergies

2019-09-20 16:45

If you love cats but your allergies are always a problem, scientists are here to help.

Vulnerable preemie babies often behind on vaccines

2019-08-26 07:12

Parents of preemies sometimes feel that they are dealing with a fragile child and may worry about the safety of vaccination.

How global measles cases triple year-on-year

2019-08-18 10:00

Measles can be entirely prevented through a two-dose vaccine, but there is some public resistance to the vaccine, according to the WHO.

Is autism largely caused by genetics and not environmental factors, like vaccines?

2019-07-18 16:30

A recent study has found that the majority of risk for autism spectrum disorders is from inherited genes and not environmental factors like vaccines.

California took on anti-vaxxers, and won

2019-07-04 10:55

California became the first US state to ban all personal belief exemptions for its school vaccination requirements and a study shows how it slashed the number of preschoolers who didn't have their required immunisations.

The virus that gave you chicken pox as a child could sneak up on you in old age, and potentially blind you

2019-05-16 15:58

Shingles is a recurrence of a pre-existing virus, which patients likely first got when they had chicken pox when they were a child – and researchers have found that cases of eye-based shingles are increasing dramatically, which in some instances can result in permanent vision loss.

Heading to a region with malaria? Some simple steps to keep you safe

2019-04-25 16:00

Every death from malaria is a tragedy. But many infections can be prevented. This is particularly true for holidaymakers, travellers, or people visiting their families in malaria endemic areas.

Egg allergy? Don't let that stop you from getting vaccinated

2019-04-20 07:00

No special precaution is needed when people with an egg allergy get a shot for flu; measles, mumps and rubella; or rabies.


Moscow turns to vampires to boost vaccination rates

2019-11-29 14:29

Struggling with growing scepticism of vaccinations, health authorities in Moscow have turned to a surprising ally for help: blood-thirsty vampires.

How the after-effects of measles could be even more serious than previously thought

2019-11-04 11:45

Simply a childhood illness? New research suggests that childhood measles could weaken our body's existing immune response to other diseases, leaving us vulnerable to infections.

Got high blood pressure? Get your flu shot

2019-09-02 18:50

Recent research has found that avoiding getting the flu through vaccination can relieve the stress that heart attacks and strokes put on the body.

Many 'anti-vaxxer' parents would switch doctors over vaccination policy

2019-08-21 10:30

Research reveals that 'anti-vaxxer' parents would go so far as to switch doctors who don't agree with their idea of not vaccinating their children.

'It's not because of what a parent is doing': Global study finds autism is 80% more likely to be inherited

2019-07-19 12:17

Studies discrediting the widely-believed myth that vaccines are the leading cause of autism are in no short supply, but a recent study, the largest of it's kind, has proven that the cause of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is primarily due to genetics.

Whooping cough vaccine effectiveness fades with time

2019-07-09 16:45

A new study found that children who received their vaccines and who are far away from their last vaccine were at increased risk of pertussis.

Study urges mandatory measles jabs as cases surge

2019-05-17 13:30

Several developed nations have registered significant rises in measles infections – a phenomenon experts attribute to creeping 'vaccine resistance'.

Do adults need a measles booster shot?

2019-05-13 13:39

Adults who have not been vaccinated against measles may be at risk if an outbreak occurs and could benefit from booster shots.

The anti-vaccination case that raised some harder questions

2019-04-21 11:50

Can parents be compelled to vaccinate if it opposes their religious beliefs? asks Noah Feldman.

New 'cancer vaccine' attacks tumours from within

2019-04-10 15:22

In a new approach, immune stimulants are injected directly into a tumour, which teaches the immune system to recognise and destroy all similar cancer cells throughout the body.

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