Teen goes blind after living off white bread, Pringles, sausage, fries and ham for a decade

2019-09-03 13:56

There really is a reason your mom told you to eat your veggies!

What happens when you overdose on vitamins and minerals?

2019-07-22 12:26

How much is too much when it comes to vitamin and mineral supplements? And how does your body react to 'too much of a good thing'?

The top 5 veggies to add to your diet

2019-05-25 07:00

A study ranked forty-seven vegetables based on percentages of 17 known nutrients in a 100-calorie serving.

Dietary supplements do nothing for you

2019-04-14 15:00

Findings that some vitamins and minerals can lower one's risk of death were true only when the nutrients came from foods, not from supplements.

These are the best supplements you should be taking according to your lifestyle

2019-02-12 15:02

How about a supplement as a nutritional wingman?

How to protect your immune system – straight from a dietitian

2018-06-08 08:49

Looking to boost your immune system? Here are some tips from a dietitian.

Most vitamins are useless, but here are the ones you should take

2018-03-14 08:51

Decades of research has failed to find any substantial evidence that the majority of vitamins and supplements do any significant good.

Are vitamins a waste of money?

2017-03-26 11:54

Every year, billions of rands are spent on vitamins as many South Africans desperately consume them, hoping that their purported benefits lead them to better health and vitality.

Vitamin drips are not 'magic bullets' Part I

2015-11-30 12:29

The reasoning that 'if small amounts of a substance are good for me, then having vast amounts of that same substance, must be even better', is naive and can be highly dangerous.

Could vitamin D supplements help with weight loss?

2015-05-13 15:22

An Italian study suggests that a daily vitamin D pill may boost dieting efforts of obese people who are low in the nutrient.


Many dietary supplements dangerous for teens, new research suggests

2019-08-03 07:00

A study suggests that the manufacturers of 'health' products and the retailers who sell them are profiting from playing 'Russian roulette' with America's youth.

Where should you get your nutrient fix - from the natural source or from supplements?

2019-06-08 18:30

Which option is better when it comes to getting your daily nutrient fix? Studies have shown the better option is from food - the natural source. But is this always possible?

The 15 best vitamins and nutrients for women

2019-04-18 12:28

Are you getting enough of these?

8 signs that you're not getting enough calcium

2019-03-09 14:49

Teenagers, older adults, and people who are chronically ill have a higher risk of developing a calcium deficiency, or hypocalcemia.

Omega-3 supplements are essentially useless for preventing diseases, according to a new study

2018-07-19 11:37

Omega-3 has been seen as a magical pill for health and intelligence for a long time, but it's becoming increasingly clear this is not really the case

There's even more evidence to suggest most popular vitamin supplements are essentially useless

2018-05-29 12:00

According to a new systematic review of five years of studies, the most popular vitamin and mineral supplements like vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C provide no real health benefits.

IV drips: nutrients delivered directly into your bloodstream

2017-08-01 12:52

We all want optimum nutrition – and now it is being offered in the form of an IV drip. But does it work?

What you eat influences your unborn baby's development

2016-02-22 14:12

You know that what you eat influences the development of your unborn baby, but you may have not known what impact these nutrients have.

Parents shunning newborns' vitamin shot

2015-07-06 16:18

Doctors have warned that ant-vaccine parents who refuse the vitamin K shot routinely given to newborns can lead to babies suffering from dangerous internal bleeding.

Folic acid may ward off stroke in high blood pressure patients

2015-03-17 15:47

Supplementing with folic acid, a type of B vitamin, may be the key to preventing stroke in high blood pressure patients, according to a Chinese study.

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