Hiding your feelings at work can lead to poor productivity

2020-03-02 11:45

Are you suppressing your true emotions and faking a positive attitude to be lauded and liked by your colleagues? It could backfire, say researchers.

Here’s how SA workers deal with ‘managers from hell’, according to a new academic study

2020-02-24 10:49

South African employees resign, avoid their manager or “shut off” emotionally when they have a “manager from hell”, a study found.

11 simple ways to make your boss love you and help your work stand out

2020-01-19 20:00

If you're looking to impress your manager and earn their respect, doing great work might not be enough. Use these easy tricks to wow the higher-ups.

OPINION | When tertiary qualifications fail to secure jobs for women who've been told education is the doorway out of poverty, is there any hope for us?

2020-01-15 01:26

We have an employment crisis and it doesn't seem to be due to a shortage of qualified candidates.

What's the point of work meetings anyway? According to research, they're actually a form of therapy

2019-11-19 12:41

Work meetings are rarely efficient, and this could be because their true purpose isn't really about getting things done... say Swedish researchers.

How to stay inspired and innovative at work

2019-10-25 17:17

Work environments can be fast-paced and very often stressful. This atmosphere tends to stifle creativity and collaboration, which is detrimental to employees and businesses.

Flexi work more important than ever, but SA bosses want their teams in the office - survey

2019-09-27 05:00

There is a "lack of trust" between management and their employees.

31 unprofessional habits that annoy everyone you work with

2019-06-26 12:42

Everyone has bad workplace habits, whether you realize it or not. Remind yourself what behavior at work may be negatively affecting others.

24 psychological tricks that will help you ace a job interview

2019-05-24 11:39

We rounded up tips to reduce anxiety, sound smart, and impress the hiring manager during an important job interview.


11 signs your job is making your life miserable

2020-02-28 08:48

Do you spend tons of time and energy explaining to friends, family, and anyone who will listen just how bad your job is at the moment?

The secret to success is a question of habit. Here's 10 powerful habits practiced by top executives, and a guide for how to perfect them.

2020-01-25 08:36

Keep track of your failures. It may seem counterproductive, but it will actually help you learn and grow.

Recruitment and job-hunting trends in 2020

2020-01-17 11:14

Worldwide, there have been rapid shifts in workforces, with employee expectations varying markedly across generations. Companies need to understand how to engage effectively with these employees in order to recruit top talent and manage teams productively.

A time-management expert reveals the most important quality a job can have for keeping you happy at work

2019-12-26 12:16

Keeping workers happy in their role is all about giving them flexibility in terms of how, when, and where they work, says a time management expert.

A German company is testing a 5-hour workday where employees only check email twice and small talk is banned

2019-10-26 17:30

Working shorter hours can help lessen burnout, plus research says limiting phone use can boost productivity.

Here are the top 3 reasons why people leave their jobs, plus, 6 mistakes to avoid when you resign

2019-10-14 17:30

Thank you for the opportunity but I’m done, *slams the door*.

The 19 most ridiculous excuses people have used to call in sick

2019-08-25 16:31

These strange and outlandish excuses for calling in sick to work may get you the day off, but they'll also raise a few eyebrows.

How I went from unemployed to starting my own recruitment agency

2019-06-28 15:27

Whitney says her company gives people meaning and purpose.

How much work brings happiness? Not much, study shows

2019-06-20 13:49

A new study suggests that when it comes to mental health, many people would be fine working less than the standard 40 hours a week.

North West man speaks about his retrenchment experience

2019-05-15 14:52

It is wise to build an emergency fund for when bad times strike such as retrenchment.

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