5 types of travellers you don't want to be this holiday

2013-11-25 09:59

Whether you're jetting off to some exotic overseas destination or taking a roadtrip to your favourite local beach this holiday, make sure you stay in your fellow travellers' good books by NOT being one of these people. If you're in serious danger of falling into one of these categories, we've also added a cure for you to consider. 

Of course it goes both ways, so if one of these sounds suspiciously like one of your fellow travellers, best you start administering small doses of the correct cure. 

The hyper-connected

Traits: Up to speed with the latest technological goodies and gadgets, an active user of ALL the social media, responds to your Whatsapp messages before you've even hit send. Yup, that's mr/s hyper-connected for you. While they're a joy to communicate with on a screen, the same can't really be said for them in person. 

Why they suck as travel partners: Well, unless you enjoy staring at the crown of someone's head for prolonged periods of time and/or find the soft tick-tick-tick of fingers on a touch screen comforting, mr/s hyper-connected is boring as hell to travel with. They're just so busy telling the world how awesome their holiday is - tagging you in every hot dog leg pic and giving your location away constantly - that they actually miss out on the joy of those little moments in-between that really make a vacation memorable. Forget about deep and meaningful conversations around the campfire and prepare, instead, for the cold, blue light of a smartphone screen keeping you up all night. 

The cure: Put. the phone. Down. And switch it off. Or, if you're worried about missing out on important news, at least disconnect from data and wi-fi, so all those damn social media notifications don't slip through. In severe cases, an intervention and forced phone removal may be necessary. Just be prepared for some serious crazy! 

The goodie-two-shoes

Traits: They're normally perfectly pleasant people to hang around - not particularly moodie, maybe even quite cheerful, but damn, do they know how to be a party pooper? They're typically quite concerned with their reputation and dread having anything sully their good name. More likely to call the cops when you give into the urge to have a spontaneous skinny dip, than actually joining in. 

Why they suck as travel partners: Because they're, all together now: "BO-riiiiiiing!" Boring, boring, boring. They don't have an impulsive bone in their body and enjoy the safety offered by the societal constraints everyone else tries to break out of on the odd occasion. While having a moral code is definitely admirable, they take it to a whole new level, alienating the mere mortals who surround them ever so often.

The cure: If you're travelling with a goodie-two-shoes make a point of having so much fun doing things they would frown upon that they eventually can't resist joining in. If you are the goodie two shoes, rethink your moral code - what is the main driving force behind it? If it's all about you, you're on the wrong track. If it's about other people, you're probably right. However, allow yourself to let go just a little every once in a while!

The scaredy cat

Traits: Extremely set in their ways, a creature of comfort. Has an array of phobias and fears which makes them practically immobile. Hates the thought of moving beyond their comfort zones. Not at all spontaneous. 

Why they suck as travel partners: Well, in short, they aren't going to want to travel anywhere in the first place (unless it's the family holiday spot they've been visiting forever). They won't join you in any outlandish pursuits - whether it's skydiving (for which the scaredy cat can totally be forgiven) or eating the weird, but totally harmless local cuisine. And doing that stuff alone really is no fun. 

The cure: Indoctrinate them with inspirational YouTube videos and Pinterest pictures, so their motto goes from BSTS (better safe than sorry) to YOLO! Never force or bully scaredy cats into doing things - they will hate you for it and become painfully stubborn - however, do gently encourage them to step outside of their boundaries and just try something different. 

If you are the scaredy cat, rationalize your fears for yourself - are you really afraid or are you maybe just lazy? 

The sponger

Traits: More often than not spongers are pretty fun people - they're happy-go-lucky, laid-back and eager to join in all the craziest craziness. They do, however, tend to pull incredible disappearing acts just as the bill arrives and are incredibly disorganized. 

Why they suck as travel partners: Well, whether you like it or not you're going to end up paying for them 90% of the time... and just as you're about to blow your top and swear to never, ever spend another cent on them, they do something endearing, like pay for themselves for a change. Grrrr! Apart from this, they also tend not to really contribute much at all as far as organizing the trip goes. They're there for the ride and while they do add a certain amount of comic value, they end up stressing everyone out.

The cure: Passive aggressive never works with the sponger. If you're approaching the third bill that you will have to foot, it's time to have a sit down with Mr/s Cheap and have a serious heart-to-heart. Maybe sponger really doesn't realise how annoying his/her behaviour is. 

If you suspect yourself of being the sponger, surprise everyone by contributing your fair amount after every meal. Maybe even buy a round of drinks once in a while. Also, make an effort to contribute ideas for the trip - write down a list of things you'd like to do during your holiday, do some research and impress everyone with your suggestions. 

The clock-watcher

Traits: They're always in a hurry, even when there's really no need. They HATE arriving late and absolutely LOATHE being the last to leave. They often have a hidden agenda and never seem fully present in your company. Oh, and one more thing, they're control freaks. 

Why they suck as travel partners: Unless you enjoy being hussled from point A to point B as quickly as possible throughout your vacation, the clock-watcher is an absolute pain to travel with. Breakfasts will never spill over into early afternoon drinks then into lunch then into sundowners and finally into a full night of partying with the clock-watcher. According to them, there's a time for everything and messing with allotted times is not an option. And you don't need that rigidity while on holiday or what?


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