Readers Respond: My south Africa is not Europe

2013-09-25 10:45
In a Heritage Day opinion piece, penned by acclaimed author, actor and activist Pieter-Dirk Uys, entitled "My South Africa is not Europe!", Uys describes his personal sense of heritage in a raw manner that causes South Africa's many scars to turn a whiter shade of pale in comparison to the rest of the world we live in. Read the full column here.

Readersare divided in their reaction to piece with some accusing Uys of wearing rose-tinted glasses , while others say this is the very reason a number of expats are flocking back home.

Read some of the comments shared via news24 travel's comment section and on Facebook.

Marc Potgieter: Said by the best! PDU... you have been my hero since the early 80's with Farce about Uys to a recent show in Darling. Also had the privilege of meeting him and having my copy of "between the Devil and the Deep blue sea" signed by him. may your Legend live forever.

HenriLeRiche: This Afrikaner says you can keep your "new" South Africa. Let me just state, it seems PDU thinks Cape Town Is South Africa. It's just a city Pieter, and attached to that city is the biggest dysfunctional area in the so called western world. Only place "western" IS Cape Town, attached to a 3rd world mass. I give you your "new" Rape and murder capital. Give us our desert in Orania. Afterall, you deserve your rape and murder title.

As for your street naming cherry picking, what about Smuts, and Louis Botha streets that were renamed? Or the WW2 heroes that saved their comrades, only to be renamed to terrorists that blew up fellow South Africans?

Yes, Pieter Dirk Uys, Also a fan of yours after this dribble. So I repeat, please keep YOUR South Africa. It's a humiliation, but then again the normal guy on the street outside of SA, that don't go to your shows, says something totally different about SA.....

Jaco Vorster: You didn't destroy anything Pieter, it was someone with the same skin colour as you, you have been inculcated with liberal nonsense. Anyone who believes you're accountable for someone else's sins just because you belong to the same race is an imbecile and that is a fact.

Morne Loubser
: Great piece for writing!

Irukandji: My South Africa is stuffed up...

Herbert Smith:  It will be easy to fall in line with others to join in rhetorical accolades of how great and wonderful this 19 year old teenager "democracy" has become. But please take another look at the dark clouds, no rainbow, bleak future, increasing violence and murders! This is NOT the South Africa I want. They may please change the name of the southern tip of Africa to something that may well fit the country which the incompetent politicians have developed it into.

Paul Botha: And I am glad it's not! Your SA is the Murder, Rape and Corruption capital of the world, your Sa currency is something I can only compare to peanuts, your Sa is the only place in the world where the minority gets oppressed by the majority's Bee and Aa policy's , your Sa is the only place where a white child gets judged for what his forefathers did! I am glad I immigrated , you can keep your corrupt shower head and his cronies for yourself ! Good luck ,because if you look from the outside you can really see how bad South Africa has become!

John Du Plessis: Now that's what I call, a "True State"-ment! So waar Pieter.

Chris Tredoux: This is so accurate as everyone has their own views of what the country should be. My South Africa is different from everyone else's South Africa. Thanks for this inspirational piece of writing.

André Broodryk: Your population is protected (predated?) by an inept, corrupt police farce. Your Constitution and Bill of Rights are protected by a dysfunctional judiciary that can't even bring the Zumas of this world to justice. Don't fool yourself- Its your brightest that have left. "It is the blueprint for hope where everything once looked hopeless. It is building a future in the faded footprint of despair."- PLEASE, what utter drivel!

Gail Hayes-Bean: Do you really believe that my South Africa is that much worse than say America or Britain or most countries of Europe? Look around and open your eyes - see the so called First world for what it really is - the source of all the degradation and despair and crime and quite frankly an "empire in decline". The seemingly good things people tout about these places such as health, standard of living etc are in reality an illusion unless you are among the really elite. Look at the crime and sordid underbelly caused by socialism and liberalism - illiterate yobs and spongers whom the South Africa ex-pats are helping to support. Their infrastructure too is crumbling just like their moral standards. Africa financed these yobs as did other colonies for several hundred years and where they didn't have control they now wage wars to keep their supply lines going for energy and of course there is huge money in selling weapons of mass destruction. Every country has its good and its bad, some are just better at hiding things they don't want the rest of the world to see. Sometimes one has to destroy a building because it is unsafe. During the destruction things get broken and the site looks ugly until the debris is disposed of and a new building is erected which will be different and strange to begin with and may serve a different purpose. South Africa is busy breaking down the old so that a new and better version can arise from the ashes.

KevanFoxcroft: My South Africa is a place where millions of people must work for R20 an hour or less , while the president builds his own homeland with our tax money.

My South Africa is where the color of your skin , not level of your skill decides if you are the best person for the job.

My South Africa is a place where scholars attack teachers in classrooms with chairs and brooms.

My South AFrica is a place where the person with the most money is the person who is also the most corrupt.

My South Africa shows a person with std 5 woodowork can threaten the stability of a country.

My South Africa is a place where KFC defines the political spectrum.

My South Africa is a place where terrorist and rapists are put into parliment.

My South africa is a place where security is defined by how high your walls are built around your house.

My South AFrica is defined by petrol being more exspensive than bread and we are hardly able to afford both.

My South Africa is a place of milk and honey if you are related to the president.

My South Africa is defined by corrupt and inept governance , where toilets are built but no houses.

My South Africa is is shamed by the fact that ours president can have 6 or more wives which my tax money pays for, while i struggle to make ends meet.

My South Africa is a place where neighbouring countries get electicity and petrol for less that what I have to pay for.

I am sorry, your South Africa is a distant cry from the reality of life in the real South Africa.

Magda Henning Human: I agree Kevan. I think PDU is blind and is living in lalaland. Hy is en bly maar n ou gatkruiper

Gail Hayes-Bean: A well penned letter about what your South Africa is now. You have highlighted what we all know very well. Now can I ask what you are doing to change the way it is? Let us have some suggestions along the lines of MLK's I have a dream that one day all wil have ... and how you would propose we go about reaching and realising that dream. Sitting around complining in the safety of your home MAY be the best thing you can do but there may be other ideas and actions that you could be taking that are constructive. It is worth realising that you have much to be grateful for compared to so many people in our country who have no shelter, no food. All they have is hope and the instinct to survive.

Lee De Marco:
This was a great article! I suppose its human nature to always think that the grass is greener on the other side, and so while we can philosophize until the cows come,the influx of ex pat South Africans returning to our shores says it all. South Africa is beautiful, but scarred. I would thank all the white people, who have decided that crime is "OUR" problem and not just a white problem, that the lack of jobs in this country is "OUR" employment issue, instead of just a white issue. The more inclusive we are, the better we become and who knows maybe one day our children will look at us and thank us for giving them the tools to live in a diverse society, while embracing our own uniqueness and still respecting others.

Paul Botha: They went back to Sa because of the recession in Europe and the rest of the world ! I knew a lot of them that couldn't get visas and so on so don't fool yourself!

Simon Butelezi: Spoken like a true South African... nice 1 Lee. As stated, our children will one day look back and thank us for fighting for OUR country.
Our country is scarred for sure... the wounds from our past still hurt today. Some will stay and try to fix it but some will forever moan and find peace overseas. We are in for the long haul....

Lee De Marco: @ Paul- so if I understand you correctly, you're admitting that economically and job wise SA is better for white people and that's why they are coming back? Its time to face facts, my paler brothers and sisters who left because of the swart gevaar are seeing things in a different light. Maybe we should all racists overseas, so they can see our problems are not colour specific problems, they are universal and together we can face them.

Gail Hayes-Bean: Lee thank you for your letter! I wish so many other people could see things your way. There are positives to be found and great strides have been made in many areas. So many writers on here don't seem to recall the lack of freedom of expression, the lack of freedom of association and the lost opportunities and lives given away for an ideal that some of them didn't even question. I know that I won't live to see it but I have hope that Africa will rise again and be the continent which teaches the world that we will make it a different way. In some ways the poorest people economically are the freest because their choices are simple and few and attainable for the most part. Just living another day is an achievement they can celebrate. it is defending TOO MUCH of material nature that is the root of all our ills because at the end of the day you can not take it with you and thiose who come after you may place no value on what you have accrued anyway.

Lee De Marco: I totally agree with you. What short memories we have, or worse still, we prefer the memories we have. I think you're right - most of us will not see the fruit of the tree we diligently water. But it will happen. Have a phenomenal day:-)

Thomas Robert Evans:  PDU you must have been feeling a fuzzy warm glow coming from a couple of glasses of the Cape's finest when you wrote this. My South Africa is different to yours. I watch and despair daily as the news of murders, rapes, crime, corruption and incompetence roll in. They say a fish rots from the head - and this is true of South Africa.
I can only say I wish I had your optimism. But then perhaps I may be too much of a realist!

ThewayIzeeit: My South Africa too....growing pains, it does hurt...

Andile Vanqa:
My South Africa is not Europe!
My South Africa is Africa.
My South Africa is Democratic
My South Africa is Better Than Other African Countries
My South Africa is Hope for Africans
My South Africa i Love.

Great work, Pieter-Dirk Uys

Jodi Kruger: Beautiful.

Kenn Webb: Sadly a rainbow is a rainbow and cannot be reinvented as you suggest. They used to say that at the end of the rainbow was a pot of gold. If you care to look now, you will find a bucket of reverse apartheid, corruption, political childishness, opportunism and self enrichment, power in the hands of fools, a valueless Rand, rotten education, rotten health, rotten employment figures, rotten security, rotten administration etc.etc. Worse still is a nation who cannot grasp the magnitude or reality of this mess.
Sadly the Great Great Grandmother of the person required to put things right for us all, has not yet been born.

Maybe by the look of you sitting on that rock, you could just be waiting for Jan Van Riebeck's ghost ship to appear over the horizon or another brave soul to arrive and bang some heads together. Or possibly trying to turn the clock back to Robbin Island, circa 1994.

Terrylin Backpackers: Brilliant article. Pieter-Dirk is really talented. As is, Evita Bezuidenhout - A laugh a minute.

SoutieTwo: Do you really believe what you have written? Try taking off your rose coloured spectacles.

Herbert Smith: If Uys is allowed to make derogatory statements about South Africans emigrating to Australia, he leaves the door open for the same against him. He might be a genial artist in his own right, but the poor creature is living in a fool's paradise and not in touch with the reality that has become of South Africa. Wake up Uys, the world you know on stage looking down at the audience enjoying your antics, is really different from the post 94 South Africa, where streets are being littered, values have deteriorated (not only differ from the pre-94 values)and incompetence and ignorance are reigning !

Gus Fernandes: My SA is not mine any more.

Willem de Haan: PDU is exactly like those politicians he so despises - my country, right or wrong! Well, to each his own. I assume he would have written the same had he lived in Mugarbageland (formerly known as Rhodesia) And, while we are on the topic, as with Rhodesia, this place no longer is recognizable as South Africa, so the name must change - Azania, where the blacks rule according to African style, as PDU so rightly points out.

Innis Cloete
: PDU, you live in Babbetie Koswettie. Not in South Africa. You have eye shutters like a race horse. You have been indoctrinated by a African sect. Get real.

Alan Meyer: Fantastic piece well written.

Facebook Comments

David Dayza Tsele The thing I've realized is most S/Africans lack patriotism,self believe and commitment in making the country better. All most do is to complain about everything and nothing, and yes we should raise our voices when something is not right however there's no basis for most complaints raised. "ask of what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you" this should be our motto.

Michael Crotty Europe is first world. RSA is 3rd World.

Matthew Pendukana That my point @Wynand Wolfswinkel all this didn't start when Mandela was released. It now is on us who know better to make a difference.

Philile Duma Have respect for u! Interesting read

Wynand Wolfswinkel Matthew, and the killing of innocent people at that time was perpetrated by terrorist bombings.

Lizelle Grobbelaar Van Zyl What bloody "rainbow nation"? No one works together for the good of the country and their fellow man! This country is so screwed up! Each one thinks he's above the other! We will never work as one! There's too much that divides us! No one is prepared to give the other a break! And the handful that do, can't make a difference!

Theresia Ndiyithi Herbst Pieter-Dirk Uys aka Tannie Evita you said it all! This is our South Africa! If the ANC or any other political party can put this as their slogan, I'll proudly draw my  SA is the blueprint for hope where everything once looked hopeless. It is building a future in the faded footprint of despair.

Haydene Miller Ai tannie Evita Bezuidenhout..what are you trying to say! Are you trying to invent another Color for the Rainbow Nation!

Leon Kaltwasser And how is he planning to re-invent Tutu's rainbow nation when Dr Zuma (honorary prof in journalism) still around?

Rob Inmyopinion Baggaley Rainbow nation se gat ! This is the ' red ' nation, with all the blood that has been spilled since Mandela's release!

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