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WATCH: Bloody carnage cleaned up after hyenas kill kudu in reception area of luxury Zim safari camp

22 June, 12:45 PM

It took five people approximately two hours to clean the bloody mess 14 hyenas left after killing a kudu bull in the main reception area of the Kavinga Safari Camp in Zimbabwe.

Photos and video footage posted by the camp show the kudu bull lying dead in a large pool of blood, in the middle of what was an immaculately polished floor. The floor is covered with bloody paw prints.

"We managed to clean up the mess, and the camp is looking back to normal now," assistant manager at Kavinga Safari Camp Caitlin Wetzlar told News24. 

WATCH: 14 hyenas kill Kudu bull in reception area of luxury Zim safari camp

Although the bush in Mana Pools, where the camp is situated, is known for being exceptionally wild, Wetzlar said they were very surprised by this incident, describing it as "on another level".

The camp is not fenced off and animals can move through it.

"On the odd occasion, the hyenas chase kudu through the camp at night. The one time they killed a kudu in the pan, and we thought it was close."

Wetzlar said the kill started around midnight on Wednesday and went on into the early hours of Thursday morning.

The commotion woke guests in the camp, who witnessed the kudu bull leaping down the bank and into the pan, just below their rooms.

"After a short standoff in the pan, the kudu tried to make a break for it and ran past the hyena and back up towards the camp. It ran into the main area of our lodge and the hyena followed.

"The kudu must have been exhausted and the hyena managed to pull him down, right in the middle of the main area!"

A quiet kill

Wetzlar said the hyenas, who usually yip and chatter excitedly when they make a kill, were quiet on this occasion.  

"We have a pride of 15 lions nearby on our concession, so the hyena could possibly have been keeping as quiet as possible not to alert them to their kill."

She says one of their professional guides got up when he heard the commotion. The main area is off limits to guests once they have been escorted to their rooms at the end of the evening. 

The hyenas were startled when he walked into the main area wielding a bright torchlight.

"They left the building, but sat around the outskirts of the camp," she said.

Guides later dragged the kudu carcass from the main area, and the hyenas finished eating their kill at a safe distance from the camp.

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