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Amazing effects, stunts and a darker plot! Watch Kim Engelbrecht tell us what to expect from Dominion this season

08 October, 01:48 PM

South African actress, Kim Engelbrecht, joins Jennifer Sanasie in studio. Watch her tell us about the exciting second season of American sci-fi drama, Dominion

Engelbrecht is known for doing most of her own stunts watch her tell us about the action we can expect from her character, Noma. 

"I know that everybody loved the first season, but season two is way better," says an excited Engelbrecht, she adds that it's a lot darker than the first season.

When the second season premiered in the United States, Engelbrecht and Dominion trended on Twitter worldwide, watch her tell us about the experience.

Dominion airs on M-Net Edge on Mondays at 20:00.

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