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A hacking scandal and the dark underbelly of the wine industry! Deon Meyer on his new book

27 October, 12:32 PM

We speak to Deon Meyer about his new novel, Icarus. Watch Meyer tell us why he decided to make his latest crime thriller about a hacking scandal similar to the Ashley Madison hacking scandal which made headlines earlier this year.

Meyer tells Jennifer Sanasie he is fascinated by social media and online dating, watch him unpack how this fascination made it into his book.

Meyer used to work in IT, and even codes his own website! Watch him tell us about the research he did for Icarus. Icarus isn't only about technology and social media, it also brings the dark underbelly of the wine industry into play. Watch Meyer tell us why he chose to explore this part of South Africa's history.

Benny falls off the wagon in Icarus, watch Meyer, tell us what we can expect from the characters:

It's funny too! Find out about the comic relief in Icarus:

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