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Top SA fashion blogger shares social media tips

25 January, 01:03 PM

We speak to fashion blogger, Aisha Baker at the launch of Ayanda's Fashion House, watch her share her secrets to becoming a professional blogger and social media personality.

Baker tells Jennifer Sanasie, "I like to say I'm funemployed," when she talks about monetizing her blog and quitting her day job. Baker currently has 49.1 thousand followers on Instagram and 10.7 thousand followers on Twitter. Find out what Baker has to say about using hashtags in the video above.

When it comes to gaining followers, Baker says consistency is key, in a recent experiment she did, she found posting three posts per day on Instagram gained her 4,000 followers in one month. Find out what's coming up next from the blogger in the video above.

Baker is the creator of Baked The Blog.

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