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WATCH: Remote jammer robs car in broad daylight in CT

03 February, 12:49 PM

Editor of Women on Wheels, Juliet McGuire, who often writes about car remote jamming, became the victim of a remote jammer herself in Green Point, Cape Town on Tuesday. The culprit eventually ran off with her laptop. Watch. 

The incident was caught on Spar's CCTV cameras, and uploaded to Juliet's YouTube account

Juliet parked her silver Toyota Rav4 (in the top-right of screen). A man in a silver Volkswagen Polo sedan reverses out of a parking space and slows down to let her cross the road.

"I had a strange feeling and so you will see I turn around to click my remote one last time," Juliet wrote on her site.

A minute or so later a man comes from the direction of the Spar (bottom-left of screen). He approaches the Rav4, finally opens the back door, folds down the back seat and grabs Juliet's laptop bag and makes off with it. About 7 seconds later, Juliet walks out of the shop totally unaware of what's just happened.

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