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'1 unit of Medupi will need 7.8 million litres of fresh water to operate daily' - expert

09 December, 07:40 AM

We speak to author and former journalist, James Brent-Styan, watch him tell us how South Africa can benefit from all forms of electricity. In his book, Blackout: The Eskom Crisis, Brent-Styan, unpacks the current state of the electricity crisis in SA.

On nuclear power, the author says it is environmentally friendly, and notes that the big selling point is that it doesn't require fresh water. Brent-Styan says one unit of Medupi will need 7.8 million litres of fresh water everyday to operate, which is not ideal as South Africa is facing drought in several areas.

Brent-Styan says South Africa needs to develop an ideal mix of all energies in order to move forward economically.

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