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WATCH: Frightening moment taxi barrels down oncoming lane on Fields Hill, Durban

06 October, 12:45 PM

Jeff Wicks, News24

A Durban motorist captured dramatic dash-cam footage of a minibus driving the wrong way on the M13 Freeway at Fields Hill near Durban last week.

News24's Jeff Wicks reported Wessel Jordaan had been taking his son to school when the taxi moved towards his car in the fast lane.

He posted the clip on Facebook.

“Taking my son to school, taxi coming down in fast lane, on wrong side of road.

“Please don't fear dreaded diseases, you and yours are more at risk in a vehicle, irrespective of where you live,” he wrote.

“I wasn’t driving fast because it was raining and I was just chatting to my son about what he was doing at school and I saw brake lights flash in the middle lane,” he said.  

“I worked for ten years in Baghdad so this kind a thing doesn’t fluster me. I tried to see if it was an emergency vehicle and then I realised it was a taxi. I slowed down and I put my hazards on and because if he had hit us head on we would have been dead,” Jordaan said.  

“I had actually slowed him down. There is no adherence to the law, taxi drivers just don’t care. I just thanked god that my wife had not taken my son to school just imaging what may have happened.” 

The footage was captured a stone’s throw from the site of the horror Field’s Hill truck accident in September 2013, which claimed the lives of 24 people. 

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