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Banting for babies? A doctor weighs in

29 February, 01:25 PM

Maya Adam, doctor and author of Food, Love, Family says she Professor Tim Noakes' recommendations make sense "to some extent" in that he encourages followers to diminish their consumption of refined carbohydrates and less heavily processed foods. "But," says Adam, "I have a few concerns." 

The former dancer, biology major and medical doctor shares her worries over writing out entire food groups. She is a fan of brown rice, quinoa and other complex carbohydrates. Adam also fears some dieters may misunderstand the so-called Noakes diet.

"We need to eat a variety of different foods. We need to eat the right amount of foods. We need to enjoy our foods," says Adam.

Watch her in discussion with News24 Live's Erin Bates above.

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