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Ex-prisoners get a new lease on life

05 May, 02:54 PM

Ex-prisoners have been given an opportunity to start their new lives anew outside of prison with the help of the 'Lead Me As I Lead You Movement'. 

The focus for the movement's April 27 function saw LMAILU invite members of the public to engage in a dialogue with male ex-prisoners of various ages. The movement also assists general members of the public who wish to grow and give back to society. 

"We have women who are ex-offenders, women who are still offenders. We also just have ordinary members of society who generally want to contribute to society - such as entrepreneurs, scholars and members of the religious circuit," said Terrence Hlatywayo, co-founder and president of the South African branch.

The partnerships established include Monash University's criminology department, which allows former prisoners the opportunity to share their experiences.

"Together they can come up with policies that can make their integration very easy," said Junior Audesi, co-founder and president of the Ghana branch.

"Included in the work that the movement does is brand development for all participants", he added.   

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