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EXCLUSIVE: Cape Town's Bree Street brothel or turf war?

20 May, 08:58 AM

A complaint by a concerned property owner has erupted into a social media war, with allegations of a bar on Cape Town's trendy Bree Street fronting as a brothel. Is the establishment running illicit trade? News24 investigates. Watch.  

On the 29th of April, Bree Street property owner Katherine Friedman accused The Nunnery, a popular new bar restaurant on Bree street, as being a front for a "fully-operating brothel".

Her sentiments were later echoed in an open letter by Reverend Karl Groepe - who lives at the St Paul's Anglican church across the road - to the owners of the property where the Nunnery operates. 

We spoke to Reverend K. Groepe, as well as the owner of the Nunnery, Mr. Garith Nunn. We also get insight from a City official who is aware of the case, and has previously taken part in raids on brothels operating in the Cape Town CBD. 

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