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WATCH: This iTunes chart topping artist started as a car guard

11 November, 08:24 AM

Singer/songwriter, Tresor moved to South Africa eight years ago, and found himself working as a car guard. Today, he has several major hits, and has cracked the iTunes top 10 in Europe.

The musician joins Jennifer Sanasie in studio and tells us about life working as a car guard. He tells us why he appreciates the time he spent in this job. He says it wasn't always easy, and the job taught him how to deal with rejection, "most of the time people don't understand the person who is at the bottom of the rope," he adds "there are a lot of people from African countries living here, and they are working as car guards, security guards, gardeners, which I did all those jobs, but some of them are actually doctors."

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tresor decided he wanted to become a musician at the age of 17 when he lost both of his parents. Watch him talk us through his musical journey. 

Before Tresor became known for his own music, he was recognised for writing two songs for South African musician, Zahara which went double platinum.

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