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General drug use has decreased in countries where cannabis is legal - expert

11 August, 11:38 AM

While a high-profile case is under way at the Pretoria High Court regarding the legalisation of marijuana, we spoke to a few international experts at the Drug Policy Week conference to get their views on this controversial topic.

Dr. Raquel Peyraube, Clinical Director of ICEERS and Advisor to the Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis in Uruguay, argues that decriminalisation of drug use and trade is inevitable.

Peyraube says that decriminalisation of cannabis in Uruguay has, as indicated by national census statistics, led to a steady decrease in the number of people using cannabis and other drugs. She also said that it has reduced the numbers of people using cocaine-based drugs because regulation meant that people did not need to go to drug dealers, where other drugs are available, to get their cannabis.

"It is not true…that cannabis is the gateway to other drugs. The gateway to drugs is dealers," says Peyraube.

"The worst legalisation is better than the best prohibition."

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