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GOOD NEWS: Joburg inner city kids get skateboarding lessons

26 May, 10:48 AM

Children from central Johannesburg now have the opportunity to learn an exciting action sport, and it's free of charge. Non-profit organisation Dlala Nje is providing skateboarding lessons for children who have limited access to recreational facilities.

Dlala Nje is a foundation that aims to challenge perceptions about the inner city and create opportunities for youth who live in the area. The organisation is multidisciplinary; they provide guided tours in and around the city to international and local tourists.

The skateboarding project is only two months old but already has a register of almost 40 students.

Three times a week, Braveman Quincy Moyo, shares his skating skills with the young skateboarding enthusiasts.

"Unfortunately, we can't take all 39 kids to come and skate at once… we only have 10 skateboards," Moyo told News24.

The students train in the basement of the 54-storey cylindrical skyscraper, Ponte Tower. 

Even though resources are scarce, Moyo believes that his students learn invaluable life lessons.  

"Instead of them roaming around the streets when they don't have anything to do at home, they come to Dlala Nje. They learn about discipline, how to listen and how to share."

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