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Here's why Gcina Mhlophe wants South African stories to be told and retold

24 November, 01:06 PM

Storyteller and political activist, Gcina Mhlophe spoke to us at the RedBull Amaphiko Academy that took place in Langa, Cape Town, earlier this month. Watch her tell us why young people in SA inspire her.

Mhlophe was honoured by photographer Adrian Steirn in the first season of 21 Icons, a series of short documentaries and photographs that showed some of the greatest thinkers and spirits in South Africa.

Mhlophe is in the process of creating The Memory House, an oral history museum for South Africans. Watch her tell us why oral history and storytelling is so important in preserving South African history.

Mhlope’s Memory House has been given space at Pixley House in Durban, courtesy of the company Propertuity.

Mhlophe says, "If we don't speak up about [current events] often enough [it's] almost like they never happened." Watch.

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