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How a poaching crime scene is processed

09 September, 10:57 AM

After a 2km walk through the bush from the nearest dirt road, we are welcomed by the stench of rotting flesh.

News24 was hosted by SANParks to explore and witness the workings of the Kruger National Park where most of the reserve's 8000 rhinos live.

A team from the park's environmental crime investigative unit leads the way and secures the carcass from contamination.

They are here to collect whatever evidence they can find to help catch the poachers.

The rhino carcass - which is mostly skin and bone now - was discovered by rangers a week ago.

Traces of scavengers can be clearly seen as some body parts are scattered around.

Senior investigator Frik Rossouw starts the process by cutting the carcass open with a large knife.

Another investigator canvasses the scene with a metal detector in hand, searching for the bullet.

Watch the video.

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