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'I'm transforming the townships' - mobile psychology clinic counsellor

30 May, 01:30 PM

We drive around Khayelitsha township with counsellor, Banetsi Mphunga, watch him tell us about the state of his community when it comes to mental health. 

"Psychology is my calling," Mphunga says, as he explains why he started the mobile psychology unit which he describes as an emotional ambulance. The counsellor takes pride in being considered a big brother to the youth in his community.

A positive role model in the Khayelitsha community, Mphunga, spends his days driving his converted microbus to mental health emergencies. He often offers counselling to youth who are experiencing emotional or psychological traumas or need assistance addressing substance abuse.

Vandalism and littering are the next issues the counsellor hopes to address with the youth in Khayelitsha.

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