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Khayelitsha resident uses creativity to curb gangsterism

18 November, 01:55 PM

It's Global Entrepreneurship Eeek. We speak to Wandisile Nqeketho, from 18 Gangster Museum, watch him tell us about the project that he hopes will curb gangsterism in his community.

Nqeketho tells us about the project that sees ex-gangsters create and curate art for museum exhibitions. Young South Africans are then invited to take a tour lead by an ex-gangster who can shine light on the dark underbelly of gangsterism in SA.

Nqeketho tells us that he is discouraged by the way youth are engaging in gang culture, and tells some stories that are very close to home.

He says, "This museum will serve as a place of engagement where people can talk about the ills of society and come up with solutions." The exhibitions are held in various areas.

18 Gangster Museum has formed a partnership with Iziko museum in Cape Town and are planning on having an exhibition on 4 December 2015.

Ngeketho took part in RedBull Amaphiko, a workshop that brought together young South African entrepreneurs to collaborate and create content for a brighter future. 

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