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Man shoots rottweiler after it attacks 3-year-old

07 December, 01:55 PM

3-year-old Marco was attacked by the family rottweiler at home on Tuesday. Francois Slabbert, Marco's dad told News24 the dog had never shown aggression before and grew up with his son.

Slabbert, who lives in Hennenman in the Free State, says he was about 5 kilometres outside of his town when one of his domestic workers called him and told him his dog had attacked his son. Slabbert says it's unclear why the dog attacked his son, but made the tough decision to shoot the dog in order to protect his family and workers.

"I put down the dog myself," he said. Slabbert acknowledged the backlash he has received from people on Facebook, and speculated that many of the people criticising him for his actions don't have children.

Marco was admitted into hospital and underwent surgery. Slabbert says the skin was detached from his scalp. The toddler is recovering well at home.

Francois originally posted the video to Facebook.

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