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Protect textile workers, SACTWU tells Gordhan

24 February, 11:36 AM

Ahead of the 2016 Budget Speech, labour analyst Terry Bell hears from the South African Textile Workers Union (SACTWU). Western Cape Provincial Secretary Sheila van Rensburg says the sector lost jobs in 2015. "Our biggest concern is what is happening ... to the currency," says Van Rensburg.

Talking of the depreciated currency Bell asked if the cost of South African labour was more not more competitive. "Shouldn't we be now cheaper than for example China and Taiwan? And therefore there is a glut in the market and we should be able to undercut them," he asks.

"We're still very dependable on the local market," says Van Rensburg. She, repesenting SACTWU, wants more support from the local retailers and for government to further invest in the textile sector.

Watch the full clip above. Stay tuned to News24 Live and Fin24 for immediate coverage of the 2016 Budget Speech.

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