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Race relations in SA are same or worse since 1994 - survey

09 December, 03:02 PM

The 16th of December is Day of National Reconciliation, but the majority of South Africans feel that race relations in the country have either deteriorated or stayed the same. This is according to the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation's latest barometer survey. Jan Hofmeyr from the Institute joined us in studio to tell us more.

According to the South African Reconciliation Barometer, 61% of a nationally representative sample of South Africans indicated that although legislated racism may have been removed from the statute books since 1994, they do not feel that there has been an improvement in the way that South Africans from different racial categories relate to each other.

70% of respondents however have indicated that they still regard the idea of one, united South African nation as a desirable pursuit.

Jan fills us in on some of the other 2015 SARB findings on reconciliation, race relations, and social inclusion that were released on the 8th December.

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