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Stabbed and thrown from a moving train, Darryn August remembers that fateful day

11 May, 08:30 AM

Jennifer Sanasie speaks to Darryn August, a man from Athlone who tried to step in during a robbery on a train on April 25. August was beaten, stabbed and thrown from the moving train. He speaks to us from his hospital bed, and recounts his movements on the day of the robbery.

If you want to help raise funds for Darryn's recovery, you can donate here.

August was on his way to work as a facilitator on April 25, when nine men boarded  the carriage he was in and began to rob passengers, including a heavily pregnant woman. August stepped in and was subsequently assaulted and thrown from the train. When he was thrown, it is reported that he hit a tree, resulting in him breaking his spine. August has recently undergone spinal surgery, and says the surgery went well.

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