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The youth have thrown away their traditions - Esther Mahlangu

25 September, 09:40 PM

Amanda Khoza, News24

Although she does not understand the many languages spoken at the various countries she has travelled to, Esther Mahlangu manages to bring people together using the one language she loves the most - her art.

“Through my art I have seen the world. People from all over the world come to KwaNdebele to learn about my culture.”

“IsiNdebele is my culture and I love it. I speak isiNdebele, I walk isiNdebele and I wear isiNdebele,” she said proudly in isiNdebele.

Mahlangu fears that today's youth is not making a concerted effort to try and preserve their cultures.

“Most of you now wear long fake hair. In the Ndebele culture we shave our heads but today young women have hair that disguises them, you cannot even tell which culture they belong to.”

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