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Tongues out, tails up for these township dogs

21 December, 10:24 AM

Valhalla Park Animal Welfare (VPAW) are committed to providing care for over 2,000 dogs in the township.

We speak to Sharon Classen and Andre Verbiest from VPAW, watch them tell us about the food and care they provide for the animals in the underprivileged community.

Valhalla Park is known for its high unemployment rates, gang violence and drugs. VPAW has committed themselves to educating the community about animal care, vaccinations and sterilisation for their pets.

The organisation visits the community each weekend, when dogs see their cars, they run from their properties and chase the brightly coloured animal welfare workers, the dogs know they can expect food and treats. VPAW also treats the animals for any minor injuries or illnesses they may have, and if needs be, refer the animals to rehabilitation facilities or hospitals.

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