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Two teen gangsters killed, Nyanga families afraid to speak

05 September, 03:13 PM

The grieving families of two Nyanga teenagers with established reputations as gangsters are too afraid to speak of what happened.

Both youth were murdered in the streets of the township. The details of their cases remain unknown. 

The first murder occurred late in the evening on Saturday, 27 August in an incident of presumed gang violence.

The second murder took place days later on Monday, 29 August in Mbewana Street. The deceased's body lay in the road for hours.

News24 reporters met with members of both bereaved families, who were coming to terms with the loss of members known to have committed crimes.

Hendretta Daniel, whose son was killed in a similar fashion last year spoke about her experiences of losing a son, first to drug abuse and crime, later to murder.

"My son was naughty," she said from her KTC home. "I used to try my best to speak to him, and at times he would listen."

Daniel said she understood the family's fears of speaking about the murders. "They are scared," she said.

Local community members who were running a crime prevention effort with the police said the community was being held hostage by criminals.

SASCO KTC committee member Xolile Mazele explained how fear of retaliation prevents witnesses from reporting crimes.

"Because, if you are going to catch him at night, they are going to call their friends. They go to your house, then they kill you and your family."

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