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Urban explorers push boundaries for perfect picture

30 July, 07:52 AM

Urban exploring is the modern way of travelling, experiencing new cities and getting the best photos. The phenomenon sees adventure-seekers take risks to get photos of rarely before seen spots to share on social media.

Danish professional urban explorer, Elaina Hammeken, visited Johannesburg this week, with the hopes to inspire South Africans to explore their cities.

Urban exploring can be both dangerous and illegal, depending on what you're exploring. South African photographer Cindy Leah says she will almost always do something illegal if she thinks she can get a shot for her Instagram account; while photographer Michael Abrahams says he wouldn't go as far as to do something against the law for a perfect picture.

Urban explorers all over the world show the ins and outs of their cities on Urbex, a new series airing on Red Bull TV from August 1.

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