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VIDEO: Pretoria is home to the world's largest 3D printer

20 November, 12:22 PM

South Africa is home to the world's largest 3D printer. The printer is housed at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research's (CSIR) National Laser Centre in Pretoria, Gauteng. It is set to revolutionise the aerospace industry.

Local aeronautical engineering and manufacturing company Aerosud collaborated with the CSIR's National Laser Centre to design and build the 3D printer. The project was dubbed ADC (Aerospace Development Corporation) Aeroswift.

"About ten years back we identified that additive manufacturing (3D printing) has the potential to have a big impact on the aerospace industry," says Marius Vermeulen, project manager at ADC Aeroswift.

"We looked at commercially available technologies at the time and realised there was no technology that could print big enough parts for that industry," he said.

"This changes the industry in a sense that we are able to venture into complex parts or re-engineer existing parts," says research group leader at the CSIR, Dr Lerato Tshabalala.

The Aeroswift 3D printer uses advanced laser technology and metal alloys to produce quality parts for the aerospace industry. 

The machine will result in less wastage in the industry as it uses the exact amount of alloys to produce specific parts. 

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