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VIDEO: Woman says friend is 'traumatised' after road block ordeal

04 December, 02:39 PM

Lerato Sejake, News24

Ruth Du Toit, who posted a video of an altercation at Honeydew Police Station, said she went there on behalf of her friend who is "traumatised and scared for her life".

"She is traumatised and doesn't trust the police. She didn't want to go," Du Toit told News24.

This after her friend was allegedly stopped by police on Wednesday night and forced to withdraw R2500 or be arrested.

Du Toit posted a video on social media of an altercation between her and a police officer when she went to enquire about the incident that happened the day before.

WATCH: Woman claims police pulled over motorist at road block and forced to withdraw money

Du Toit said she and her friend were out for dinner and had a glass of wine.

"We left in separate cars and she said she was stopped around 21:45 at a traffic light."

Du Toit said she heard this the next morning in a voice message from her friend telling her about the ordeal.

Her friend was apparently stopped by a police van at a traffic light under the highway between Fairlands and Weltevreden Park on Wednesday.

She told News24 that people commenting on the video post on Facebook said there had been road block earlier of about five police vehicles, but it was just one car at that point.

"She said the police pulled her over and a few moments later told her to get out of the car because they were arresting her.

"They said they were taking her for blood tests in Randburg for drinking.

Du Toit said her friend told her that no breathalyser test was administered.

"They took her licence, phone and shoes and forced her in the back of the van," she said.

"At this point she was crying."

Du Toit said her friend told her the two police officers said "'you can spend the night in jail and have your husband bail you out tomorrow with R2500 or you can pay it now.'"

She alleged that the officers told her to withdraw the money and threatened that they can find her as they had her ID number.

"Out of fear she withdrew the money at the garage and gave it to them. They gave her back her belongings and sent her off," she said.

Du Toit went to the police station on Thursday morning because her friend was "scared for her life and they will be able to identify her."

She said she was directed to the Station Commander's office and explained the situation.

"The officer behind the desk said they can't help without a statement and said, 'we can send officers to her house,'" she recalled.

She said she was redirected to another building and that is when she encountered the officer shown in the video and they returned to the station commander.

That is when Du Toit asked if the police vehicles can be tracked. "I asked can we not track the vehicles to that spot and see which car stayed behind."

She alleged that the officer who appears in the video told her vehicles have not been tracked for the last three months in the whole of Johannesburg.

Captain Balan Muthan said he cannot comment on her word.

"I do not know where she gets her information from. All our vehicles have the AVL tracking system," he said.

"We get vehicles from the head office with the necessary technical equipment installed."

He said Du Toit would need to make a request through attorneys to view the tracking logs.

On Monday, Captain Muthan told News24 the altercation incident has been escalated to the Station Commander.

A meeting between all persons involved will be held at a later date.

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