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VIRAL: Western Cape government's hard-hitting texting video reaches millions worldwide

20 July, 12:04 PM

A video created for the Western Cape Government's #ItCanWait campaign has gone viral and is attracting comments and shares from around the world. Watch. 

The video has received a staggering number of views since first being uploaded on July 14.

The upload to the Mail Online site has been viewed at least 23 000 000 times. On Gorilla Creation's Facebook page it's been viewed 1 500 000 times. On a Chinese Facebook site (Teng Tsen Khoo) it's been viewed 1 500 000 times. On the FCB Cape Town YouTube site it's been viewed 485 000 times and on the Western Cape Government's site it's been viewed 415 000 times.

At first glance, the video seems like harmless entertainment, with a collection of slapstick clips of people walking into objects, falling down stairs and tripping over obstacles while focussing on their phones instead of where they are going

But, within a few seconds, the mood turns with a shot of a young lady attempting to text while driving her car. Within the blink of an eye, she crashes the car and is shown being thrown about by its momentum as it rolls and flips - highlighting the dangers of texting while driving. 


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