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WATCH: Driver ploughs into car dealership at 'notorious' East London intersection

05 December, 01:22 PM

This corner, at Old Transkei road and Devereux Avenue in Nahoon, East London has had its fair share of accidents in recent months.

At least three accidents have been captured on CCTV at this very same intersection - since August.

In the first incident on August 14, the driver suffered a stroke while driving and passed away. A pedestrian narrowly escaped being hit.  

In the second incident, captured in the early hours of October 1, 2017, (and featured in the video above) a driver came flying through the crossing and ploughed through the Hyundai dealership on Old Transkei road. The occupants of the vehicle are seen exiting the car and sustained only minor injuries.

Shane Luck, manager at the Hyundai dealership in question, says alcohol was involved in this incident and confirmed that none of the occupants were seriously injured.

"Five of the dealership's vehicles were damaged, and the damages amounted to between R300 000 and R400 000."

The last of the three accidents happened in the early hours of November 11. The occupants of the silver Volkswagen are seen exiting the vehicle shortly after it comes to a standstill on a curb at Kennington road. 

Luck says he wouldn't label it a "dangerous crossing".

"In my opinion, the accidents were due to poor driving or because of other circumstances," he said.

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