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WATCH: 'Being in prison changed my life'

22 December, 09:49 AM

We speak to Chumani Ndzla, an ex-gang member who served time in prison. Today he has turned his life around with the help of Message Trust, an organisation that commits themselves to rehabilitating ex-convicted criminals and providing employment for them.

"At home I used to be innocent, but outside I used to do all these nasty things," Ndzla says, as he explains the way he behaved with his family compared to how he behaved in the community. He was convicted to 12 years in prison for gang related crimes.

Ndzla now spends his time working with his hands, making wooden crosses sold by Message Trust. He says, "the rejected wood is how I was when I was still in prison," as he reflects on his past. 

Ndzla says he met Christ in prison, found religion and was able to change his life. Hear his harrowing story.

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