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WATCH: #BlackMonday protesters petition Donald Trump to intervene in farm murders

29 October, 09:45 PM

So called 'Black Monday' protesters marched to the US Embassy and the Australian High Commission in Pretoria on Monday.

Calling for US President Donald Trump to intervene in the "genocide of white people" in South Africa, the 30-strong group listened quietly as their leaders addressed the assembled media.

"You, South African government, you must intervene. If you do not intervene then you condone and become a party to genocide," the National Conservative Party's Schalk van der Merwe explained in the party's ultimatum to the SA government.

"Our president, Cyril Ramaphosa has blatantly told you a lie that there are no such things as farm murders in South Africa," #BlackMonday organiser Valerie Byliefeldt said as she addressed Trump through the media.

The group delivered petitions to both institutions as planned and the small crowd dissolved, promising more events in towns across South Africa.

Earlier this year, agricultural organisation AgriSA found farm murders to be at a 20-year low in South Africa.

Despite controversial statements from organisations such as AfriForum and right-wing doomsday preppers Die Suidlanders that farm attacks and farm murders were out of control, AgriSA's figures, which are based on police statistics, its own research and media reports, show a slight increase in farm attacks and a decrease for farm murders.

According to AgriSA's statistics, farm murders decreased from 66 recorded incidents in 2016/2017 to 47 in 2017/2018. This was less than a third of the record highs recorded in the late 1990s, when 153 murders were recorded in 1997/1998.

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