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WATCH: Commuters risk their lives on overcrowded Metrorail train

21 November, 04:35 PM

A video has emerged showing an overcrowded Metrorail train approaching the Netreg station in Cape Town.

The video was posted onto the Facebook group page 'Metrorail Commuters - Cape Town' by Marian Goliath Bruiners, after it was sent to her by Sonay Hanslo, who is her staff member.

Thirty-one year-old Sonay Hanslo arrives at the train station just after 06h00 every morning, only to leave an hour or sometimes two, later.

"Sometimes the train is an hour or more late," Hanslo told News24.

"I use the train every morning and evening. When there are problems, I can't do otherwise. I just hang ten because I’m a lady."

The incident captured on November 15 is what Hanslo calls a daily occurrence.

"The train delays have gotten worse recently. Four, five years ago, it wasn't that bad, but now it's starting to get worse," she added.

Metrorail in the Western Cape was not immediately available for comment.

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