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GOING VIRAL: Cash-in-transit heist - gone in 12 seconds

11 July, 11:38 AM

A cash-in-transit heist in less time it takes to make a cup of coffee? No, it's not the stuff of movies. 

This video doing the rounds on social media shows two security guards, one armed with a large rifle-like gun, being overpowered and robbed by four assailants. 

It takes them no less than 12 seconds to make off with the bags of cash and the rifle.

The guards don't appear to be injured and run from the scene — away from their attackers.

Many social media users questioned the guards' training while others believe they were in on the heist. 

Dan Dlamini believes the guard carrying the rifle was involved. "Why is he facing the wall when there is movement around him?

Michael Bracher commented that the guards are "useless and clearly have no training".

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