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WATCH: Caught in the act: Jhb break-in goes hilariously wrong

16 March, 09:32 AM

Anthony Williams, an animator, working from home caught three perpetrators in the act trying to gain access to his neighbour's property on 8th street in Orange Grove, Johannesburg last month. The family that usually reside at the residence weren't at home.

A video of the incident, which took place on February 28, has since gone viral on social media.

"I'm an animator, I make YouTube videos so I always have a camera ready," he said.

Williams heard a clanking sound outside his house and investigated.

"It sounded like metal on metal. I've been robbed 21 times in the past 21 years, so I've become very attuned to the sounds I hear," he said.

He shouted to the perpetrators twice from inside his home, 'Are you having a problem there?' and twice they looked up, but continued trying to break open a gate. 

That's when he decided to grab the camera, went outside and filmed them in the act.

They didn't notice him filming until he cleared his throat.

"I am quite worried about my safety, but more so for my mother," Williams said.

"I have ten foot gates and bells and whistles, but I will have to up my game once again."

A neighbour uploaded the video to social media.

 "The whole incident lasted only about a minute," Williams said.

"I'm really just happy I was able to spare my neighbors the agony of a break-in."

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