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WATCH: Fists fly after alleged race row in Stellenbosch

31 July, 11:40 AM

Cape Town - A man claims he was assaulted and called a "hotnot" while he and three friends were walking to a student bar in Stellenbosch early on Saturday morning, Netwerk24 reported.

Terence Makapan published a video of the incident on Facebook. It has been watched more than 300 000 times.

He writes on his Facebook page: “Early this morning, myself and 3 friends were walking to Springboks when we passed a small group of white guys. We heard the word ‘HOTNOT’ being uttered and we immediately stopped in our tracks. We demanded to know who uttered the word. One of them tried to get us to just walk on but we refused. Next thing I know, I'm being approached by one of his other friends with a rock in one hand he proceeds to punch me with his free hand.

“With a bloodied nose, I got up and immediately started recording. The reason the recording ends quite abruptly, is because one of the others grabbed my phone and threw it across the road. Fortunately my phone is still working and the video was saved. He also hit my friend Du Toit in the face. It seems to be his favourite pastime.”

Makapan mentions the name of his attacker and says he laid a criminal charge with the police.

“Anyway, back to Mr. Red Shirt, let's make him Facebook famous. Share share share! We know his name is Machiel and by the end of this day I want his surname so I can show him that he messed with the wrong HOTNOT. I am not leaving this.” 

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