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WATCH: Fury as police fire rubber bullets at Rhodes students

28 September, 06:54 PM

At least 10 students were arrested during protests at Rhodes University on Wednesday, 28 September.

Note: This video contains swearing and scenes which may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

The university successfully obtained an interdict; this gave police grounds to arrest five students for allegedly disrupting a law lecture in the morning.

In this video, supplied by student-run publication The Oppidan Press, police officers before fire rubber bullets over a hedge. 

"Stop shooting at us! Stop shooting!" cries one student over sirens.

According to Leila Kidson, Rhodes University student and digital editor of The Oppidan Press, police threatened to shoot students on Wednesday afternoon.

Police spokesperson Captain Luvuyo Mjekula said five students were facing charges of blocking a public road and another was accused of malicious damage to property.

"Anyone who threatens or intimidates or prohibits lectures from taking place is breaking that interdict. Today the students were found to be disrupting lectures. That was basically threatening other people," he said. "Police had to respond on the basis of that."

There were also reports of students throwing rocks (some rocks appear on the ground near the students and several metres from the hedge).

An officer says, "Throw rocks again and I will shoot you." Students respond with shouts and cries. Later the officer commands, "Stay there."

Kidson reported students were suffering the effects of teargas and some were injured during the incident filmed here. Mjekula said police had received no reports of injuries.

Efforts to contact a university spokesperson for comment were unsuccessful.


This video is published courtesy of The Oppidan Press. You will find them on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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