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'Lion of our struggle’ George Bizos honoured with gallery at Joburg's Apartheid Museum

27 October, 02:18 PM

Lita Zidepa, News24

The Apartheid Museum honoured anti-apartheid human rights lawyer Advocate George Bizos with the launch of the beautiful "George Bizos Gallery" on Thursday evening. Watch.

The launch coincides the icon's 90th birthday and the launch of his memoir 65 Years of Friendship, which documents his long friendship with late president Nelson Mandela. 

(Lita Zidepa, News24)

Director of Apartheid Museum, Christopher Till, said the essence of the gallery launch was to celebrate what George Bizos means to South Africans.

 “His defense of the defenseless, his defense of people who were victims of the Apartheid state is something young people should really know about.”

“The legacy of George Bizos is one which is universal... and I think the humility, the selflessness of George Bizos is something we wanted to celebrate,” he said. 

(Lita Zidepa, News24)

Advocate Kgomotso Moroka, who delivered the keynote address at the launch, described the anti-apartheid icon as a "lion of our struggle".

Former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke spoke fondly of Bizos calling him one of our greatest leaders.

(Lita Zidepa, News24)

“I’ve had the privilege of living close to him. He is my mentor in million ways.”

“You are one of our greatest leaders and I’m here to pay my respects, ngiyabonga Baba,” he added. 

(Lita Zidepa, News24)

Apartheid Museum chairperson Dr John Kani referred to Bizos as a giant of the struggle. The George Bizos Gallery takes audiences on a journey of his life and a walk through South Africa's history. 

(Lita Zidepa, News24)

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