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WATCH: 'Gold' rush in KZN as thousands descend on tiny village

31 May, 10:57 AM

Residents of KwaMachi, a tiny village in Harding in the far south of KwaZulu-Natal, believe that the "gold" that has been discovered in their village will change their lives for the better.

They believe the "gold" will turn around their fortunes, especially due to the high level of unemployment in the village.

When News24 visited the site on Wednesday, where the "gold" was discovered, hundreds of men and women, old and young, including school children from the village and surrounding villages, were busy digging for the precious metal with axes, pickaxes, shovels and chisels.

Scores of bakkies, private cars and minibus taxis, transporting the "gold" diggers, were parked just above the site.

Some of them told News24 they had arrived at the site on Tuesday night and spent the night digging so that they could collect enough gold for the "foreigners" who usually arrived during the day to buy the stones.

Hamza Manuel, 25, of Harding, told News24 that he had come to the village with his friends to get the "gold", so that they could make quick cash.

He said they had arrived in a car on Wednesday morning and had carried lunch with them, because they were going to the site to work.

"We found gold here in Harding. The evidence is right here. As you can see, these stones have got a little bit of gold in them. Some people are actually finding bigger pieces. This is just a small sample of what's in there," he says while pointing at the site.

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