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WATCH: Gridlock between Sars senior and Hawks staff

27 October, 09:30 PM

An email from Sars boss Tom Moyane's lawyer in respone to one from Hawks Brigadier Nyameka Xaba caused a gridlock in a meeting with Vlok Symington and Hawks officials.

The contested meeting took place at Sars headquarters in Brooklyn, Pretoria last week.

Click above for footage of the impasse.

Symington gave Sars legal advice on an early retirement payout for Ivan Pillay in 2009.

Recently the Hawks asked Symington to answer questions on that recommendation.

In the meeting at his office in Pretoria on Tuesday, officials appear to block Symington from leaving the room.

"I am being kept against my will," he states.

Symington called his personal assistant and later the police emergency number 10111 in the hopes of obtaining help.

The gridlock between him and the officials present - including Moyane's bodyguard - hinges on attachments to a list of questions Symington was asked to answer.

Those attachments include response from David Makaphela, an attorney to Sars lawyers, on a request to pursue a case against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, and former Sars deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay plus Oupa Magashula.

In the email to Moyane following one from Xaba he writes, "on ethical reasons I cannot be involved in this one. I hold a different view to the one pursued by the NPA and the Hawk."

During the meeting last week the attachments caused a rumpus between Symington and the officials.

He has since laid charges of kidnapping, intimidation, assault and robbery against the Hawks.

Watch for footage captured during the confrontation.

Click here for Gordhan's response to "whispers" of what happened at Sars last week.

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