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WATCH: Gun drop and run in Cape Town suburb

21 July, 02:07 PM

Watch as volunteer law enforcement officers follow a car into Myburgh Road during a night patrol.

Newly released footage of the event - which occurred early on Saturday, 9 July - shows suspects speeding off in a Toyota with its lights off.

In their haste to flee, the car mounts the curb and grinds to a halt.

One of three suspects jumps out and throws a gun over a wall before running back toward the car.

A second vehicle arrives on the scene by this point. "Get down. Get down!" shouts one officer.

According to police spokesperson Warrant Officer Keith Chandler, police and law enforcement officers later scoured the bushes of a suburban garden and retrieved a firearm.

Watch the chase in the video above.

"The 9mm pistol had 7 rounds in the magazine,"reads a police statement. All three suspects were arrested on the scene.

According to the statement the serial numbers on the Parabellum handgun had been filed off. The police sent the gun for testing.

This footage was originally published on the CICA page on Facebook (see here).

Note: This story's copy has been amended to note law enforcement volunteers' key role in the apprehension. This author regrets the error.

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