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WATCH: Harties Dam 'choking' again on invasive weed

07 March, 02:54 PM

Hartbeespoort Dam in the North-West Province is battling uncontrollable levels of algae and hyacinth due to ongoing pollution. Watch the latest aerial footage that shows the extent of the infestation - a pest for water-front property owners and water-sports lovers. 

Nutrient-rich water as a result of sewage spills and other phosphates (particularly after recent heavy rains) have spurned the growth of algae and hyacinth, which has knock-on effects year round. 

"In winter the algae dies due to cold spells, sinks to the bottom and decomposes, which starves the water of oxygen. This lack of oxygen leads to masses of dead fish turning up every year," UJ Zoology Professor Annemariè Avenant-Oldewage told News24. 

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