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WATCH: Here's what local government should do for you

19 August, 04:14 PM

More than 15 million South Africans participated in the 2016 municipal elections on 3 August.

Mayors for seven of eight South African metros except Johannesburg have been determined, with four going to DA candidates and three to the ANC.

Johannesburg's council will likely decide on its mayor on Monday.

So, what next? And how soon can newly-formed councils pass decisions?

Beatie Hofmeyr, National Manager of the Education Training Unit for Democracy and Development, says councillors have a while to wait before they can review or change municipal budgets.

"Local government is really responsible for service delivery in terms of water, electricity, sewage, rubbish removal, general cleanliness of your area, the local municipal roads, parks, other facilities."

With the local government elections concluded and councils being determined, what follows?

You should expect your councillors to go fight for your to get the services owed to you, says Hofmeyr. 

Watch for more.  

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