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WATCH: JHB driver outsmarts would-be hijackers with impressive defensive driving

14 August, 03:02 PM

Robyn Lucas, YOU

A Johannesburg woman has shared shocking CCTV footage of three men attempting to hijack her and her husband shortly after returning home.

Anelle Hills, from Midrand, Gauteng, posted footage on Facebook of three men in a Gold C-Class Mercedes Benz pulling up to the couple's driveway in an attempt to hijack them of their White Range Rover.

Anelle and her husband Roger arrived home just after 1.21pm. She can be seen slowly getting out the car but immediately spots the suspicious men pulling up and parking on a driveway right next to theirs. The front and backseat passengers of the Benz then quickly jump out of the car and run up to the couple in the vehicle – with one hijacker holding a gun in his hand.

Anelle then frantically jumps back into the car and her husband reverses down the road at full speed – almost bumping one of the hijackers.

 “Roger's quick thinking got us away quickly and safely!” Anelle says in her post.

The hijackers then hastily run back to the Mercedes and the driver speeds off down the road.

“God's Protection is amazing,” she wrote on the post, which has been shared more than 5000 times on the social network.

YOU has reached out to Anelle and Roger for comment.

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